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Product Line Up

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Eyeleter Page -- Full line of Eyeleting, riveting, punching, and support devices.

D-E Commercial Eyeleter            D-X Commercial Extractor         E-P Commercial Eyeleter & Punch         D-R Commercial Riveter
 Fastens work with eyelets.            Removes eyelets from work.              Punches and eyelets work.                    Uses rivets to secure work.

  Bates Automatic Eyeleter         Bates Brass Wire Stapler                                

Our D Series Commercial line of fastening, punching, and extracting equipment can easily be adapted to your particular application. Our R&D department has adapted this equipment to punch as small as 2mm DNA samples for genetics laboratories and up to larger 1/4 inch sizes to fasten plastic ID cards together for hotel guests, to string ID tags on apparel at ski resorts, for medical dose slide calculators, and another example of eyelet usage for the U.S. Army M4A1 Nuclear Yield Calculator to name a few. If we do not have a standard D series product that will fit your needs, we may be able to adapt a standard unit. E-Mail us for about any questions you may have about your application needs. The Bates Eyeleter line of fasteners are for basic light applications for the desktop environment. Eyeleters are not designed to punch holes in your work. Many have been able to insert eyelets in thin lightweight work like three to ten pieces of paper or the equivalent.  It is always recommended however, to supply a receiving hole in the work if you expect a clean or pristine setting operation from your eyeleter. Most legal and financial firms have certain letterheads used for wills and financial reports drilled by the ream by a printer to accommodate the eyelet.

Supplies Line Up

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Bates and D Series Eyelets        R-Series Rivets and Caps                  Bates Brass Wire Refills                  Typewriter Ribbons for these spools

     Paymaster Red & Blue Ink 

We have supplies for the small office including Bates and D Series eyelets and rivets for our Bates and D Series Commercial line of products and typewriter ribbons for equipment from the 1900s. Our R&D department is consistently searching for the highest quality resources available for cost effective solutions to support your equipment. 

Hard to Find Fixes and Accessories

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   Olympia D-95 and D-100 fixes for ribbon feed       Brother Paper Feed Gear   Brother Cartridge Ribbon Fix   Fitted Typewriter Covers

    Olivetti Ribbon Knobs    DC 730 Calculator Shaft    Reblt IBM Selectric Motors          Underwood Feet

RADK - Royal Aristocrat Drive Kit            IBM Cycle Clutch Pulley

Most of these items were spawned from our R&D department usually by requests from our technicians trying to resolve a problem.

Typewriter and other Repair Services

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                  Repairs to vintage equipment                   Bates Stapler Repairs        Eyeleter, Fastener, and Extractor Repairs

Since 1945 we have been offering cost-effective solutions for the small office environment. With a fully equipped and staffed machine shop, our R&D people can quickly offer a cost-effective solution to your application. Additionally, our machine shop has the advantage of performing repairs not even possible without replacement parts.

New and Restored Vintage Typewriters

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New Machines

       Electronic                                     Olympia Portable                           Adler Portable


Restored Vintage Typewriters

All restored machines are fully functional as it came from the factory when manufactured unless otherwise noted. We spend very little time on cosmetics due to the fact that this rarely aids in the functionality of the equipment.

Remington Portable               Hermes Portable                   Olympia Portable                  Erika Portable                    S/C/M Portable                  

Royal Port Circa 1936   Royal Port. Circa 1965

for the most up to date selection of Restored Vintage Portable Typewriters, click here.


      L. C. Smith                   Remington Noiseless                       Royal                              Underwood Noiseless

All rebuilt inventory is subject to change without notice or update. Shown above is a small selection of new and rebuilt equipment available. We stock hundreds of machines for immediate delivery. For more information about current or future availability of vintage office equipment, please call Earl at 215-855-6851 -- Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 4:00 Eastern. It would help very much if you know the make and model of the equipment you are looking for because of the limited selection available.

Rare Offerings Line Up

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Just for fun...period.
           Bates Hod Rod                                      Desk Drive                        Rebuilt Lathes & Tooling                          L&R Watch Cleaning Machine


            Paymaster Check Writers                             1                    BS Door Stop                                            4' x 8' Boulder Lake Oil 

        REDs Tapping Spider

Just for Fun

      '72 Harley Davidson XLH                                            R/C Nexus Helicopter Fleet w/ support        


Since 1945 we have been supplying quality service, supplies, and equipment for the office environment. With the continuing up-turn in automated document processing, it is becoming more difficult to find a competent source to maintain supporting office equipment like typewriters, calculators, secure document fastening devices, and word processors. Turn to us for all your miscellaneous office equipment supply and repair needs. For our Bates Brass Wire Stapler line, we offer re-fill services for your empty B-50s. We repair Bates Brass Wire staplers and have a selection of Bates Brass Wire staplers for sale. Get back to basics with a reliable heavy-duty portable manual typewriter with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Rare Offerings

| 1883 Colt Frontier Model .44 Caliber | 76 Cadillac Eldorado | Draw Bar, Tube | Boley 11-inch Lathe | Lathes, Tooling, & Accessories | REDs Tapping Spider | Restored 16-inch Boley Lathe  |

     Established 1945
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Store Hours
 9:00 to 1:00 Eastern US
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Shipping and Mailing Address
1337 North Broad Street - Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446 - USA

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