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Platen Grinding in Progress


Let's Talk Platens, Feed Rolls, Bail Rolls, and Finger Rolls

The platen and feed roll assembly is the paper feeds life blood of the typewriter. If these “rubber” items are hard and un yielding, they do a poor job of feeding the paper and securing it in the carriage of the typewriter. Time and the thousands of repeated impact of the type faces against the paper cause a great deal of oxidized hardening...<MORE>

Our Formula One Platens

Since 1945, and with over 100 years of combined technical experience, Robert E. De Barth has been offering high quality restoration and repairs for the typewriter industry for equipment as far back as the 1890’s.

A lot of recent talk about how to revitalize old typewriter platens...<MORE>

We have a one day turnaround for all orders.

After many years of research, our R&D people have finally found the proper rubber compounds to offer recovering services for your typewriter Platens, Feed Rolls, Bail Rolls, and Finger Rolls. Below are the pricing for these services.


You can leave any assemblies on the end of the platen but be sure to pack well. We recover all platen cores with new rubber compound and high speed grind the surface to conform to original specifications.

All platens up to 12 inches in length cost US $ 95.00 plus our standard return S&H of US $ 13.00. Each additional inch over 12 inches add US $ 10.00 each inch.

Multiple Platen orders are charged US $ 1.00 S&H each additional platen.

IBM Platens cost US $ 105.00 for 13 inch Platens and US $ 145.00 for 17 inch Platens. Standard S&H of US $ 13.00 for one Platen and US $ 1.00 each additional Platen.

Front and Rear Feed Rolls, Bail Rolls, and Finger Rolls

We recover Feed Rolls, Bail Rolls, and Finger rolls for all typewriters both portable and office size up to 12” in width for US $ 150.00 a set plus US $ 13.00 return shipping and handling. Finger rolls must be removed from the holding device or there will be an additional US $ 45.00 dismantling and reassembly fee added.

If only one set (front or back or the only one in the carriage) of Feed Rolls are needed, IE: front Feed Rolls only or Rear Feed rolls only set only or Finger Rolls or Bail Rolls only, the cost is US $ 65.00 for each set plus return S&H of US $ 10.00.

To Order:

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Tuesday through Saturday
9:00AM to 1:00PM EST

Robert E. De Barth
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