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Underwood Number 5 - circa 1910
We offer repairs and restorations to vintage typewriters from 1860 on...

Some recent typewriter restoration and repair work...Typewriters Repaired

August 23, 1997

In my view...

The best manual typewriters were made between 1950 and 1980. By that I mean most of the machines from this era are still working or can be put back into service. A good example is the Olympia model series "SG" manual office models and the "SM" manual portables. These machines are a fine example of German craftsmanship. Many of these machines come in for their first service since they were sold. Some other fine machines are Adler, Facit, and the Smith Corona. Electric machines need more service due to the mechanisms that drive the machine's functions, carriage return, operate the shift, back space, and others.One of my favorite electric portable typewriters is the Adler Satellite 2001 popular in the mid-1970’s. 

Machines made between 1900 and 1940 have a special character. Most are made with heavy cast iron frames, brass plates and some with beveled glass panels. We have serviced many of these machines for those who like part of history next to their computers. I find that our customers want these machines to work and they use them.

If you have a favorite typewriter that you would like to have put in good condition contact us before shipping your machine. When you call, advise the make and model you have and we will send instructions for proper shipping preparation to avoid damage.

Robert E. De Barth

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